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Biplob Prodhan
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Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes pdf

This file contains Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes pdf for broad questions. It contains 25 topics from NU 4th English honours syllabus.

Dear students, you know that Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching is a very important course of NU Honours 4th Year. So, I made a special handnotes for you. Now I am going to share Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes pdf with you.


Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes Updated

This pdf contains the following topics.
Ques. 01. Briefly state the structural, functional and interactional sews of language.
Ques. 02. Make a note on the main principles of Behaviourism Theory of Language Acquisition. [N.U. 2015, ’17]
Ques. 03. Discuss and evaluate the five hypotheses in Krashen’s Monitor Model. [NU. 2012]
Ques. 04. What do you mean by Innatist theories? Discuss.
Ques. 05. Make a comparative study of the Behaviourist theory and the Mentalist theory of LI acquisition. [N.U. 2014]
Ques. 06. Give a historical overview of language teaching methods.
Ques. 07. Give an evaluation of the Grammar Translation Method focusing on its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. [NU. 2012]
Ques. 08. What are the key features and techniques of Direct Method? What are its advantages and limitations?
Ques. 09. Discuss the procedures of the Natural Approach in teaching four skills. What are the four basic stages of SLA mentioned in the Natural Approach? [N.U. 2017]
Ques. 10.What are the goals and principles of Audio-lingual method? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages. [NU. 2012]
Ques. 11. What is Situational Language Teaching? Discuss the approach, design and procedure of SLT. [NU. 2012]
Ques. 12. Discuss the main principles of The Communicative Language Teaching. Why is CLT considered an approach rather than a method? [N.U. 2016, ’18]


Click here to download:

Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes Updated

Ques. 13.What are the roles played by the learners and the teachers in CLT? [NU 2012]
Ques. 14. What are the challenges or barriers to implement CLT in Bangladesh? Or, Identify and discuss the challenges in implementing CLT in Bangladesh. [N.U. 2015, ’17]
Ques. 15.What is task-based language teaching? Mention its theoretical rationale, syllabus, assessment and problems with assessment.
Ques. 16. State the main principles of the total physical response Method (TPR)?
Ques. 17. What is ‘postmethod pedagogy”? Discuss the strategic framework proposed by B. Kumaravadivelu. [N.U. 2014, ’17]
Ques. 18. Discuss the major strategies and techniques of developing vocabulary. [NU. 2013]
Or, Discuss the vocabulary teaching strategies.
Ques. 19. Discuss the roles of teachers in language classroom. [N.U. 2015] Or, What are the roles of a teacher in a language teaching class-room? [N.U. 2018]
Ques. 20. What are the merits and demerits of using literature in ELT classroom? [N.U. 2017)

Ques. 21. Define Linguistic Imperialism. Discuss the role of English Language Teaching in Linguistic Imperialism. [N.U. 2016)
Ques. 22. Evaluate the role of the reform movement in the history of English Language Teaching focusing on the principles of the Reform Movement. [NU. 2013]
Ques. 23. What is meant by ‘Desuggestopedia”? Identify the main principles of ‘Desuggestopedia’ and evaluate their relevance to the mainstream Bangladeshi classrooms.
Ques. 24. Discuss the importance of ‘pair work’ and ‘group work’ in a language classroom. [N.U. 2018]
Ques. 25. State the role of students in different methods.


Click here to download:

Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching Handnotes Updated

Download the file. Stay with EDNOUB.
happy Reading….

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