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Biplob Prodhan
  • 2 weeks ago
  • 24
Discuss the importance of ‘pair work’ and ‘group work’ in a language classroom. [N.U. 2018]


Ans. The objective of treating the class as an entire group is the initial goal of a language classroom and teachers of it. Young students can become autonomous in their learning and progress like a successful one.

The importance of pair work and group work in a language classroom:

i. Provides learners with elaborated speaking time.
ii. Alters the steps of the contexts.
iii. Focuses on both the weak learners and strong learners.
iv. Permits learners to collaborate with all the group members or his or her peer in the pair.
v. Provides them with a feeling of attainment while aiming at a target.
vi. Helps the students to learn how to lead and be led by someone apart from teachers.
vii. Permits learners to observe, walk around the class and actually concentrate on the language lesson is being taught.

Both pair work and group work have earned a platform in language teaching classes. Applying group works and pair works facilitate learners to practise variety of things in particular. Moreover, collaborating with others provides them the scope of communicating with a wide range of people and learn reciprocally.

These inspire them in self help and cooperation which also facilitates them to get involved in the class more and lessen indiscipline. Pair work is regarded most effective for practicing sample conversations. For example, playing games of words, vocabulary testing, completing worksheets etc. Working in pairs helps students individually with more speaking time. Working together will increase their self motivation level and also confidence. They will achieve the confidence of learning independently. Student can play roles and acquire a language more proficiently than ever through teams forming. Groups give students the create more advanced dialogues, experiment relationships between others, extract knowledge comprehensively in a social, cooperative atmosphere. Moreover, it is a great chance for learners to rectify themselves in a friendly community. Teachers can increase the dimension of speaking time of learners by reducing the class size in a group.

Pair work is more difficult to oversee in comparison to group work. Talking about consisting pair or group in a classroom, every student is not supposed to get benefited from the same partner or group members. Teachers should ensure teaching through different peers or group members while using group work or pair work in language teaching. It can be done by seating arrangements of learners. Teachers may also tell learners to sit close to each other to maximise their learning. Combining the strategy will keep classes interesting and effective in respect of achieving an effective language learning goal.

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