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Biplob Prodhan
  • 4 weeks ago
  • 16
Comment on the father son relationship in Sons and Lovers

Ans. The father-son relationship in “Sons and Lovers” is a complex and fraught one, marked by resentment, anger, and a sense of unfulfilled expectations. Walter Morel, Paul’s father, is a coal miner who is abusive and often drunk. He is unhappy with his life and his marriage to Gertrude, and he takes out his frustrations on his family. Paul, for his part, feels both a sense of obligation to his father and a deep resentment towards him.

Throughout the novel, we see the ways in which Walter’s unhappiness and anger affect his relationship with his son. He is critical of Paul’s interests and talents, dismissing his artistic pursuits as frivolous and impractical. He is also physically abusive towards Paul, hitting him on several occasions. This abuse has a lasting impact on Paul, causing him to struggle with feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Despite Walter’s faults, however, there are moments when he and Paul share a sense of connection and understanding. For example, in one scene, Walter takes Paul to see a horse race, and they bond over their shared love of the sport. This moment of camaraderie is short-lived, however, as Walter soon returns to his usual pattern of drinking and lashing out at his family.

In many ways, Paul’s relationship with his father is defined by a sense of unfulfilled potential. Walter sees in Paul a reflection of his own unrealized dreams and ambitions, and he projects onto his son a desire for success and accomplishment that he himself never achieved. Paul, for his part, feels a sense of obligation to his father, but also a deep frustration with his limitations and his inability to connect with him on a deeper level.

The relationship between Walter and Paul is also shaped by the broader social and economic context in which they live. As a coal miner, Walter is part of a working-class community that is marked by poverty and hardship. He resents his low status in society, and he feels that his son’s artistic pursuits are a reflection of a privileged and elitist worldview. Paul, for his part, struggles to reconcile his artistic ambitions with the reality of his working-class background, and he feels torn between his loyalty to his father and his desire to break free of the limitations of his upbringing.

In the end, the relationship between Walter and Paul is marked by a sense of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. They are both trapped by their circumstances, unable to overcome the barriers that separate them from one another. The novel is a powerful meditation on the complexities of family relationships, and on the ways in which our social and economic context can shape our identities and our relationships with those around us.

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