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Biplob Prodhan
  • 3 weeks ago
  • 42
How is the harmonious relationship between Aston affected by the outsider Davies? Discuss.


Ans. Mick and Aston are brothers and they live in the same house. Though they do not talk to each other a lot, they are seen to have affection for each other. Pinter shows real human relationship through Aston and Mick in his play, The Caretaker.

Mike seems to be a riddle for the audience of the play. He is unpredictable and talks very less. He is in his late twenties, a few years younger than Aston. Aston is generous. His generousity is seen when he rescues Davies from the cafe. He is also a practical man. Although he is kind, he finally determines to ask Davies to leave.

The two brothers however select the same person, Davies as the caretaker. One of the brothers is suffering from neurosis caused by electric shock treatment and another appears to be in aggressive dominating mode of behaviour which creates troubles on their way of communication. Pinter shows a testament to the fact that there is still a possibility for modern man to retain ties to other members of humanity through the relationship of Mick and Aston. The bond of Aston and Mick is deeper than language. Though verba! communication does not work for them, their gestures, smiles and mutual understanding surpass talking. Mick is an unpredictable person who often gets frustrated with his situation but he never compromises in taking care of his brother, Aston. He wants to make Aston feel comfortable at any cost and make his own decisions. Aston also loves Mick a lot. He is clearly grateful for Mick’s love and ability to stay and work in the room. Their relationship is so strange that it may seem foreign to the audience but it does not lack in affection. Another important fact is that, the building is owned by Mick. So, the relationship of Aston and Mick is not harmonious because they have to stay together, it is because of the love they have for each other. They are not seen to share their problems with each other. But they support each other and show affection to each other. Being a younger brother Mick takes care of Aston and Aston is so grateful for this. This harmonious relationship is hardly seen in present world where the hunger of power prevails in every man.

The brothers, Mick and Aston are inextricable connected to each other and affectionate towards each other.

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