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Mostafa Faruk Ahamed Sr. Lecturer in English Jazan University, Ministry of Education Kingdom of Saudi Arabia About Mostafa Faruk Ahamed Mostafa Faruk Ahamed, a professional English language and literature teacher
In the ancient Greek play “The Frogs” by Aristophanes, Dionysus, the god of wine, theater, and fertility, sets out on a journey to the underworld to bring back the great
“Phaedra” is a tragedy written by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, and one of the central themes of the play is unrequited love. The play portrays the tragic consequences that
In Euripides’ play “Medea,” Jason is portrayed as the protagonist’s antagonist, responsible for her tragic downfall. The play begins with Medea’s desire for revenge against Jason for betraying her and
ইংরেজি বিভাগের যেকোনো বই অর্ডার করুন অনলাইনে! EDNOUB এর Jacques Derrida’s (আক্তার হোসাইন) ভাইয়ের কাছে এখন থেকে ইংরেজি বিভাগের যেকোনো বই অবিশ্বাস্য ছাড়ে সংগ্রহ করুন EDNOUB থেকে। ইংরেজি বিভাগের সকল
The Monitor Model is a theory of second language acquisition (SLA) developed by linguist Stephen Krashen in the 1970s. The model proposes that language acquisition occurs in two ways: through
The mentalist theory of first language (L1) acquisition suggests that children learn language through innate cognitive abilities and language-specific mechanisms that are pre-wired in their brains. This theory assumes that
Behaviorist theory is a theory of language acquisition that emphasizes the role of environmental factors in shaping a child’s first language (L1) development. According to this theory, children learn language
  Ans. Where there was once consensus on the “right” method of teach foreign languages, a number of teachers at present share the concept that a single right method does
  Ans. The objective of treating the class as an entire group is the initial goal of a language classroom and teachers of it. Young students can become autonomous in


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