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Biplob Prodhan
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EDNOUB: Empowering English Language & Literature Students in Bangladesh

EDNOUB, which stands for “English Department @ National & Other Universities of Bangladesh,” is an online educative platform founded by Biplob Prodhan, a passionate advocate of English language and literature in Bangladesh. This platform primarily operates on Facebook and aims to assist students pursuing English language and literature courses by providing a wide range of resources, including sheets, suggestions, PDF books, handnotes, and access to both free and paid online courses.


One of the main platforms under the EDNOUB umbrella is “BIPLOB – The Revolution of ELT.” This central hub houses various components, such as EDNOUB and the Ednoub Private Program, each catering to specific needs of the students.

EDNOUB boasts an extensive network of virtual branches across Facebook, ensuring accessibility and convenience for the students. Some of these branches include specific groups for students at different levels of study, such as first, second, third, and fourth year, as well as groups for M.A. in English students. Additionally, there are groups dedicated to English studies for National University Hons 2nd Year and Degree Pass Course students, as well as a Basic English Learning Group that focuses on grammar improvement.

Apart from Facebook, EDNOUB also maintains a presence on other platforms. They have a YouTube channel where students can subscribe to access educational content, a website (https://www.ednoub.com) for centralized information, and two official blogs (https://ednoub.blogspot.com and https://ednoubpp.blogspot.com) for further updates and resources.

For students who prefer instant messaging, EDNOUB operates a Telegram channel (https://t.me/ednoub) and multiple study groups for each academic year level. These channels provide real-time communication and support, enhancing the learning experience for participants.

To expand their outreach, EDNOUB has official Facebook pages (https://www.facebook.com/ednoub and https://www.facebook.com/es.ednoub), a private program page (https://www.facebook.com/ednoubpp), and a presence on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/14209698).

With EDNOUB’s dedication to providing valuable study materials, resources, and interactive learning opportunities, it has become a popular and influential platform among English language and literature students in Bangladesh. Biplob Prodhan’s vision and passion for empowering students through EDNOUB have created a supportive and vibrant community for learners, nurturing a love for English language and literature in the region.


Biplob Prodhan

In conclusion, EDNOUB stands as an exemplary online educational platform, effectively catering to the needs of English language and literature students in Bangladesh. Its diverse range of resources, active online presence, and commitment to empowering learners make it a significant asset in the academic journey of students pursuing English studies.


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