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Main features of the character of Young Goodman Brown


Young Goodman Brown is the central character in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “Young Goodman Brown.” Throughout the story, Goodman Brown goes on a journey through the forest that challenges his beliefs about himself and the people around him. Here are some of the main features of his character:

1. Young Goodman Brown is a Puritan: Goodman Brown is a young, devout Puritan who believes in the strict moral code of his community. He is deeply committed to his faith and fears the consequences of sin.

2. Goodman Brown is curious: Despite his religious beliefs, Goodman Brown is curious about the world around him. He is intrigued by the stories of witchcraft and other dark practices, which leads him to take a journey into the forest.

3. Goodman Brown is conflicted: Throughout his journey in the forest, Goodman Brown experiences a deep conflict between his desire to remain faithful to his religion and his curiosity about the dark side of human nature. This conflict is further complicated by the fact that many of the people he encounters in the forest are members of his own community.

4. Goodman Brown is prone to doubt: Goodman Brown’s experience in the forest shakes his faith and causes him to doubt the goodness of humanity. He becomes suspicious of his fellow Puritans and questions the sincerity of their religious beliefs.

5. Goodman Brown is tempted: Throughout the story, Goodman Brown is tempted to give into his darker impulses. The Old Man/Devil offers him a staff, which represents the power and influence of evil. Despite his initial resistance, Goodman Brown ultimately gives in to temptation and is swayed by the devil’s arguments.

6. Goodman Brown is paranoid: After his journey through the forest, Goodman Brown becomes paranoid and suspicious of everyone around him. He is unable to trust his wife, Faith, and sees evil everywhere he looks.

7. Goodman Brown is conflicted about his own morality: At the end of the story, Goodman Brown is left questioning his own morality. He realizes that he, too, is capable of sin and wonders if anyone can truly be considered virtuous.

Overall, Young Goodman Brown is a complex character who grapples with issues of faith, morality, and the human condition. He is torn between his desire to remain faithful to his religion and his curiosity about the darker side of human nature. Throughout the story, he is challenged by the people and events around him, and ultimately comes to question his own beliefs and values.

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