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Biplob Prodhan
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What is task-based language teaching? Mention its theoretical rationale, syllabus, assessment and problems with assessment.


Ans. Task-based Language Teaching is a process of teaching where students are engaged in thinking and doing a task designed and regulated by the teacher. In the process, students complete a focused task by using the target language. The end product should be something original and accomplishing. For example, a group of students can go to the American Centre to know about their programs and activities. After coming back from the Centre, they report to the class. This is a task-based language teaching approach which provides students with opportunity to complete a task by using and developing the target language skills. However, this approach does not focus on the language use; rather, it focuses on completing the task. Using and developing the language skills would be the logical consequence of the completion of the task.

Rationale: The rationale of using the task-based language teaching is to engage learners into meaningful and authentic tasks. The purpose is to put students in situations where they develop strategies to complete a designed task and become independent learners.

Syllabus: The syllabus of TBLT depends on the context and level of students. Teachers need to design a TBLT syllabus by doing a need’s assessment and diagnostic tasks. After doing this, they can design a task-focused syllabus by incorporating tasks that may range from easy to difficult tasks. For example, teachers can design a TB syllabus for intermediate-level students by incorporating the following tasks:
i) simulated task of ordering a tea and shingara
ii) buying a rail ticket
iii) learning about the programs of various Embassies or High Commissions
iv) completing a chart of what students did yesterday

  1. v) writing about three hobbies and sharing them with the class. vi) identifying three problems of communicating with native English speakers and brainstorming their solutions.

    Assessment: Assessment of TBLT is based on the outcome of the task.

    Problems with assessment: Students may not develop accuracy in the target language as they are not graded on the appropriate use of the language.

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